Choosing The Best Lights for a Personal Grow

Choosing grow lights for personal useWith cannabis legalized for use in many states (and recreational use even beginning to come online in several), there’s never been more interest in cultivation. Newcomers who want to supply their own needs still face something of a daunting barrier of entry, however, even when growing entirely within the limits of the local law.

If growing outdoors isn’t feasible, growing indoors will require a lighting system. Don’t get too caught up in all the discussion and advertising directed at commercial growers — lighting considerations are very different for the small-scale grower focused only on personal use. Fortunately, they’re also significantly less expensive and complicated. Continue Reading

Does Marijuana Cause Lung Cancer?

As more states within the United States legalize marijuana, many people have begun to focus on the health impacts of smoking it.  It is well known that tobacco causes lung cancer, so some people assume marijuana will be the same.  The reality is more complex, with various studies showing no direct link between marijuana and lung cancer, but some potentially negative outcomes.  Here is some of available research to help you determine if smoking marijuana will increase your lung cancer risk. Continue Reading

Top 5 Strains to Reduce Stress

There are several medical marijuana strains available for the management of stress, but there are a few that stand apart. The following five strains are considered by the community to provide consistent relief of stress related health issues ranging from panic attacks to insomnia.

Chocolate Chunk

Chocolate Chunk is a 100% Indica strain that is very popular with those with chronic pain. However, the strain is also noted for its effectiveness in managing panic attacks and other forms of anxiety. There are also reports that the strain has a positive effect on depression, nausea and muscle spasms. Chocolate Chunk is, however, a very potent strain, and a little goes a long way. Continue Reading

A Brief Guide to the Responsibilities of Medical Marijuana Caregivers

According to See Change LLC, over 20-million Americans have conditions that could benefit from medical marijuana. Of that number, around a million have received prescriptions from their physicians. The gap between those two figures implies that the medical marijuana industry is set to explode. To help with the upcoming demand, several states allow licensed medical marijuana caregivers to provide pot directly to patients.

A license typically costs a few hundred bucks, but there are several requirements that aren’t heavily publicized. Shirking or remaining ignorant of these requirements can get you in trouble. States use various verbiage to describe the position.  Michigan, for instance, uses the term “primary caregiver.” In Colorado, the term is “medical marijuana caregiver.” This article will focus primarily on Colorado’s statutes. Continue Reading

Progress in Philadelphia, Trouble for Home Growers

In the city of brotherly love, around a quarter of a percent of the population are busted for marijuana possession each year. This amounts to around 4,000 out of the 1.5 million Philadelphia residents. James F. Kenney, a City Council member, is quick to point out that there is a murky undercurrent to this innocuous statistic. According to Kenney, around 83 percent of individuals busted for pot possession in the city are black or Latino. Kenney says, “There are no arrests at Phish concerts or fraternity parties.” Continue Reading