Meet Our Staff

Tommy Charles
Team Lead

Tommy is a long term contributor, author, and editor for the content here at Smoking Pagoda.  He joined the staff prior to launch as part of the planning board, and has since aided in the guidance and direction the website takes.


Kevin Delahu

I am a long time marijuana enthusiast and initially got involved in the movement as far back as 1992.  Having seen leaps and bounds of changes being made, I try to instill in all of my peers the past, the present, and the future of the industry.  Hopefully, one day, we will achieve national level acceptance.


Megan Dietrick

Although medicinal marijuana is my primary passion, the recreational use and legal repercussions can’t be dismissed.  This is where I have focused a majority of my research since the legalization in Colorado.  There will always be new things to learn, to include how to effectively educate the populace on safe usage!


Dayjana Mahue
Writer, Researcher

Since I first discovered the common use of marijuana on the beaches in California back in early 2001, I have been nearly devoted to the forward movement of Government recognition for medicinal uses.  Having submitted 1 point paper to various government agencies annually, I was approached to be a full time writer here at Smoking Pagoda.


Michael Johnson

I graduated from Finger Lakes Community College’s “Communications” program, and was near immediately approached to produce material for Smoking Pagoda.  I have developed a passion for being able to research and write about such an active and evolving topic.