Top 5 Marijuana Strains for Arthritis Relief

Arthritis pain can be difficult to manage, but many people are finding relief with medicinal marijuana. While not a cure or even always a way of taking away all of the pain, marijuana is helping some patients decrease their intake of prescription painkillers and improve their quality of life.

There are many strains which can help with arthritis pain, as all forms of cannabis contain a compound known as cannabidiol (CBD). But if you’re looking for the best, then take a look at the following 5 strains.

Death Star

Don’t let the name of this strain put you off trying it for your pain management needs. Death Star, a cross between the strains known as Sour Diesel and Sensi Star, is an indica strain, meaning that the effects are felt much more heavily in the body rather than the head. This is perfect for those dealing with arthritis pain.

Death Star’s number one uses are for pain and stress management. It is also commonly used to help insomnia, so it might make you sleepy. For patients in a lot of pain who could use the rest, however, this isn’t really a problem. It has a pleasant sage/blueberry taste, and the worst side-effect is dry mouth, so keep some water nearby.


Bio-Diesel is very similar to the Death Star strain above, commonly used by patients for pain and stress relief. The main difference is that this strain is a hybrid, meaning that it has some sativa and some indica. This can be great for those looking for both physical and mental relief.

Bio-Diesel is a highly prized strain that won the Annual Colorado Medical Marijuana Harvest Cup in 2009. The taste and smell is a mixture between lavender and pine.


Ingrid is another strong Indica that will mostly affect your body. It is often used to treat insomnia, as the number one effect reported by users is sleepiness. Nevertheless, it is also extremely powerful in dealing with body pain. This strain is great for those who have trouble sleeping because of their arthritis.

Dry mouth is once again the main side-effect, and you may experience dry eyes as well, so have some eye drops nearby. This strain has a pleasant, pear-like smell and taste.

Golden Goat

Golden Goat is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, so it should not make you nearly as sleepy as the strains above. This is great if you need a way of dealing with your pain but also of getting on with your day. Users even report feeling a boost of energy when using Golden Goat. It has high levels of both THC and CBD.

Be warned that this strain will dry out your eyes and mouth, but as long as you take care of those side-effects, you will have a pleasant experience. The smell and taste is one of coffee, honey, and lemon.


J1 is another sativa-dominant hybrid that will help ease your pain and give you energy if you need it. This strain will help you remain uplifted and clearheaded, which can be a much-needed emotional boost if your arthritis has kept you down.

J1 has the typical negatives of dry eyes and mouth, but some users also report feeling dizzy. If you happen to experience this side effect, then just sit down, relax, and wait for it to pass. This is a sweet-smelling strain that will pick you up both mentally and physically.