Top 5 Strains to Reduce Stress

There are several medical marijuana strains available for the management of stress, but there are a few that stand apart. The following five strains are considered by the community to provide consistent relief of stress related health issues ranging from panic attacks to insomnia.

Chocolate Chunk

Chocolate Chunk is a 100% Indica strain that is very popular with those with chronic pain. However, the strain is also noted for its effectiveness in managing panic attacks and other forms of anxiety. There are also reports that the strain has a positive effect on depression, nausea and muscle spasms. Chocolate Chunk is, however, a very potent strain, and a little goes a long way.

The strain has a very earthy taste with a noticeable chocolate aftertaste, hence the name. The smell is very earthy and pungent, yet it dissipates relatively quickly. The high generated by this strain has been described as “very stoning.”

Mother of Berries

Mother of Berries is a powerful Indica strain indicated for stress, insomnia, pain and anxiety relief. The strain’s numerous white hairs give it a “frosted” appearance, and there are also hints of purple and orange throughout. The strain has a very fruity aroma, leading some to compare it to the aroma of baking pastry. The flavor hints strongly of blueberries on the exhale.

Those with a low tolerance are cautioned against partaking in this strain during the day as it can be quite strong. Individuals with a higher tolerance may be able to function quite well. The strain creates a strong high in most individuals, but feelings of paranoia are only rarely reported.

Girl Scout Cookies

A long-time favorite, Girl Scout Cookies is a poly-hybrid containing genetics from Granddaddy Purple and a variety of Sativa strains. Girl Scout Cookies offers powerful relief from anxiety. The smoke has been described as “velvety,” and the flavor is regarded among the most complex in the medical marijuana world. The taste starts out very earthy and then becomes increasingly minty.

The strain produces a strong cerebral high with an overall body effect, making it an ideal lounging strain. The buds are frosty, with hints of green, yellow and orange.

Rock Candy

Rock Candy is a hybrid: roughly 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. The strain has a citrus smell and a strong flavor reminiscent of herbs. The buds are a deep, rich green, with orange hairs and resin-coated purple crystals. Rock Candy is well known for its appetite stimulating effects, but is also great for anxiety relief. Individuals with low tolerance to THC may find it hard to focus while under the effects of the drug.

SleeStack X Skunk

SleeStack X Skunk is a hybrid—mostly Sativa—and is easily one of the most resinous medicinal strains. The strain has a harsh flavor, which some have described as “acrid.” It has a sweet and sour aroma on the way out. SleeStack X Skunk produces a body-tingling high that is quite cerebral, and it is a great choice for anxiety, nausea and chronic pain.