Strain: LA Confidential

Strain picture of LA ConfidentialLA Confidential is a very potent Indica based strain of marijuana that has a strong cerebral effect, and a heavy body “high” that can last for hours. When used as a medical wonder drug, LA Confidential is best for patients suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, ADHD and other mental disease-related ailments, and those patients requiring appetite stimulation. LA Confidential is not meant to be used when working with heavy or dangerous machinery or when driving, as attention spans will be reduced and many things will become quite humorous. It has a more earthy taste, almost a pine scent to it with traces of the original OG Kush sweetness. LA Confidential is derived from 20% OG Kush and 80% Afghani Indica strains.

Placing in the top three at the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup for three straight years and five of seven years, and coming in at a very respectable 14% to 18% THC content, LA Confidential is best grown indoors with organic flowering and budding supplements. When smoked in cigarette form (joints, blunts, etc.), this well sought-after strain has a rather long after-taste period and its strong effects last for a few hours. LA Confidential is best used during the evening as it allows users to sleep, and social interactions should probably be avoided after use. Patients who require more of a sleep-inducing strain of marijuana and one that makes them want to eat can get away with just this one strain of marijuana to meet their needs. When smoked using a vaporizer, both the sweet taste and the potency of LA Confidential is increased, with the thick and acrid smoke normally associated with marijuana smoke almost completely eliminated.

LA Confidential offers many beneficial qualities to patients who suffer from symptoms from mental disorders, muscular and neurological-related symptoms. Almost all strains of marijuana offer beneficial qualities to patients being treated under compassionate end-of-life care, as well as those suffering from symptoms caused by an ever expanding list of diseases. From ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease) to Crone’s disease, from small-cell cancer to HIV/AIDS, marijuana offers patients many benefits that increase their quality of life.

People who are in pain or who suffer from depression or anxiety do not normally have much of an appetite, and sleeping can sometimes be nothing more than a dream away for them. Even a small amount of a potent marijuana strain like LA Confidential can glue their butt to the couch for hours, forgetting what it was that they were about to do. The use of more than one strain of marijuana is beneficial for most patients who have multiple symptoms. Many patients find that since some marijuana strains are more effective than others for different people who are suffering from the same ailment. This makes having two or three different strains of marijuana of differing potency, to be used during different times of the day and for different benefits, the best regimen for most patients. Following this can vastly reduce the amount of pharmaceutical medications that patients require, and vastly improve their quality of life.

LA Confidential takes approximately 8 weeks to grow indoors hydroponically. When grown outdoors as a mother plant from seed using soil as a growing medium, LA Confidential has a growing time as much as ten weeks and requires a lot of watering or an automated hydration system. The LA Confidential plant provides a very high level of buds-to-stem ratio, and a yield of up to four ounces per clone when grown indoors hydroponically, or up to a pound when growing mother plants outdoors in soil from seed. When growing the LA Confidential strain’s mother plants outdoors, the growing time can be as much as doubled over the growing time for growing the strain’s clones indoors hydroponically and must have direct sunlight. Organic flowering and budding supplements should be used for optimal results when growing any strain of marijuana indoors hydroponically, as well introducing carbon dioxide to the growing facility and sub-zero conditions for two days prior to cultivation. Since LA Confidential has so many buds, many of which can be quite large, fairly powerful fans should be used at regular intervals to replicate heavy winds, in order to make the stems stronger so that the weight of the buds will not break the plants.

Overall, as long as sleep or a major case of couch potato syndrome is not minded and work is finished for the day, LA Confidential is a wonderful strain of marijuana for medical use, with many practical qualities for patients suffering from the symptoms of a litany of diseases.