Jack Herer Strain Review

Jack Herer strain buds growing with crystalsNamed after the marijuana decriminalization activist and author Jack Herer, possibly best known for his book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” the marijuana strain that bears his name is an extremely potent hybrid from the ever-popular and potent Haze, Northern Lights and Skunk strains. Jack Herer is a sativa-indica cross-strain that has a resonantly earthy taste which is reminiscent of a true skunk strain, including a hint of the sweet Haze flavour that offers a more cerebral-taming high which is great for smoking during the daytime. Although it has a rather long growing period and is not well-grown in climates north of southern California, “The Jack” as it is most often referred to as is one of the first sativa-indica cross-strains to win the prestigious Cannabis Cup.

One of the better strains for people suffering from chronic pain and other painful or neuromuscular medical issues, Jack Herer can give almost instantaneous pain relief, especially when smoked using a vaporizer. It is ideal for use during the daytime when one’s mind may need to be sharper and allow the patient to effectively interact with others and perform their daily routines.

Small buds produced by the Jack Herer strain.Jack Herer may never win one of the “Big Bud” photo contests that spring up on the Internet from time to time, but the smaller, grape-sized buds are firm and soaked with resin. A nice coating of crystals should be eminent on the buds when the Jack is ready for cultivation, which generally happens between 5 and 6 months after planting. The flowering cycle is rather long, and many people pluck their plants before they are fully mature due to this characteristic of the Jack, but when allowed to flower for a couple of more weeks than suggested it can be one of the better daytime smokes around.

A properly grown and cultivated Jack Herer strain may not put people to sleep and it is not really known as a munchies-inducing strain, but it gives a great body buzz that still allows daytime productivity (although, of course it is not recommended to smoke marijuana of any strain while driving or working). Originally produced with the Northern Lights #5, Haze and Skunk #1 strains, Jack Herer gives a rather small yield and is not normally grown outdoors. There are many different strains that purport to be the Jack, but the original was introduced by the seed bank “Sensi Seeds”, and any strains that purport to be Jack Herer that are supplied by other seed dispensaries may be subtly different than the original.