Effects of Sativa Strains

Sativa has been the ideological choice of cannabis for several decades now.  It is high in Tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”) and doesn’t give the user a couch lock experience.  How does that translate into a medicinal use though?  For the benefit of our readers, we have compiled a thorough description of what the effects of Sativa cannabis are, how consumers describe the high, and the benefits of Sativa for medicinal purposes.

Uses of Sativa

Naturally, this species of marijuana provides a very uplifting and enjoyable buzz.  If you have not read out effects of Indica article, then we recommend taking a look at it for a good comparison.  Unlike Indica, Sativa has a low Cannabidiol (“CBD”) level which reduces the sedative effect after smoking.  For this very reason, many patients who suffer from depression or difficulty focusing will choose to partake.  As is characteristic of marijuana, users also note that they have a stimulated appetite.  To quote a recent consumer of a pure Sativa strain:

“I used to have trouble focusing while trying to focus on one of my favorite past times – painting.  With the help of a smoke break, weed has helped me bring creativity to my fingertips.  The cerebral high that I can feel right from the first breath is… well… breathtaking!”

Such conviction and faith in Cannabis must be admired, but it isn’t without risk.  Some smokers have had an increase in anxiety after use.  This can be attributed to a variety of causes, but most likely the lack of adequate CBD.  Otherwise, this species highly sought after.

The High

Sativa strains are the poster child of days past.  When the general population thinks of marijuana, they think of people laughing uncontrollably, incredibly focused on something artistic or diving deep into a movie – or possibly even a book.  This is exactly how to describe the buzz.  Unless it’s a hybrid strain, you won’t notice the couch lock effects or incredibly stoned feeling of the Indica counterpart.

Once again, a majority of the effects of Sativa relate directly to the THC:CBD ratio present.  Although these vary drastically, individual strains are much less likely to be too far outside of the norm for that species.

Effects of Sativa

As we discussed before, most smoked cannabis will cause an increase in appetite and some relaxation effects.  Although anxiety is one of the effects of Sativa, there are many very positive and redeeming qualities to it.  For reference:

  • Stimulating to brain and personality
  • Uplifts mood to counteract depression
  • Creativity
  • Minor analgesic (pain relieving) effects
    • Headaches and Migraines
    • Muscles
    • Joints

Being careful of the potency of the strain being smoked is also important to ensure that the desired outcome is reached after smoking.


The effects of Sativa are very highly sought after by those who do not have major debilitating symptoms or long term chronic issues.  Often times the buzz will be light and uplifting to the point of enhancing the day while simply dulling some minor symptoms.  If you or a cared one needs something a bit stronger, take a look at our effects of Indica article, or check out our strain guide to see what might be most helpful to you.