Why Vaporization Is Better For You Than Smoking

Marijuana smoke can’t be compared to cigarette smoke in terms of its potential dangers, but it is nevertheless among the least healthy way to consume marijuana. In this day and age, when marijuana is widely used for its many medicinal purposes, it would seem odd if smoking was the only method available to medicinal and recreational users alike. This is precisely why there are now a number of alternative ways to consume marijuana, with the chief among them being vaporization.

There is no evidence that marijuana smoke has any carcinogenic effects on a smoker’s lungs. Nevertheless, habitual marijuana smokers are at risk of developing respiratory conditions such as bronchitis because of the harsh smoke and irritants that result from the inhalation of any sort of combusted plant matter.

Marijuana begins to combust at around 392°F. Joints can burn as hot as 2,000°F, making sure that all the flowers are burnt to a crisp. On the other hand, vaporizers only heat marijuana up to around 338°F to 375°F. Some vaporizers even allow you to set the temperature yourself.

This temperature is perfect for releasing all of the desired psychoactive and nonpsychoactive cannabinoids from the plant without combusting any of it. It allows you to inhale harmless vapor instead of smoke. Be warned, however, that if some vaporizers get too hot they may begin burning your bud. If your vapor suddenly becomes smoky and makes you cough, then either turn the temperature down or let it cool for a while.

Another reason why vaporization can be argued as “better” than smoking is that you can reuse the vaped bud in a variety of ways. Vaped bud can be used to make cannabutter and cannabis tinctures. It can even be packed inside empty vegetable capsules and swallowed like a regular pill.

By utilizing vaped bud, you are essentially using your entire stash twice. This is mostly an argument from a monetary standpoint instead of a health one, but it might at least compel more people to start vaporizing instead of smoking their herb.

If you want to trade in your glassware for some vaporizers, then you should know that there is a pretty impressive array of these high-tech smoking devices available to choose from. They can be found at almost any head shop or easily ordered online. Depending on your needs, you can get anything from a small vape pen, a portable unit, or even a heavy-duty desk unit.

Some users report different effects from smoking vs. vaporizing marijuana. Some prefer the effects of inhaled smoke, others prefer vapor, while others still feel no difference between the two.

If you still want to have a smoke every once in a while because it provides quicker and more effective relief for your medical condition or because you simply prefer it, then there isn’t much reason for you to give it up entirely. But mixing things up with some vaporization or edibles can really help to protect your lungs in the long run. Invest in a good vaporizer, and use the vaporizer along with the vaped bud it produces to give your lungs a break sometimes.