What is a one hitter?

A one hitter resting on a tableAh yes, the ultimate in discreet solo smoking.  A one hitter is the smallest smoking utensil available.  Their design is sleek and minimal, most certainly capable of being stored in a pocket during transportation, and even sturdy enough to withstand a drop or two.  Every weed smoker should be well aware of this fabulous smoking accessory.

As depicted to the right, the most common appearance of a one hitter is that in the shape and color of a cigarette.  For that very reason, it can be smoked in public without drawing too much attention to the smoker.  As the marijuana burns red, most bystanders can’t tell the difference.  Although this isn’t the only form factor, it’s what most stores and vendors will carry.  The bowl head is just the right size to pack enough for one or two quick pulls, and then carry on with the day.

It’s important to keep in mind that this is not something that should be used in a group smoking environment.  It requires too many repacks and can result in a lot of swallowed ashes.

What is a dug out?

A dugout and one hitter combinedThere is a common misconception that a dug out and a one hitter are the same thing.  The former comes with a protective case, often made of wood that is comparable in size to a zippo lighter.  The container could have one or two compartments in it.  One is for the smoking accessory, while the other is for a little bit of weed to be stored in.  Both sides are revealed by sliding a small, normally wooden, extension out to the side.

Both of these options are available to beginner and experienced cannabis users alike.  When it comes to discreet and safe smoking in a public place, this is the best smoking accessory available on the market!