What is a Hookah?

A hookah, which is also commonly known as a water pipe, is an instrument that can be used for either the smoking or vaporizing of shisha, a type of flavored tobacco. Much like a bong, a hookah uses water to filter the tobacco smoke or vapor before it is inhaled into the lungs. It is also possible to use a hookah to smoke marijuana, but more on that a bit later.

The exact inventor of the hookah is a bit of a contentious issue, but it is safe to say that the first hookah was probably used around the time of the Tahmasp I, a Shah of Iran and member of the Safavid dynasty. This dates to origin of the hookah to the mid-16th century.

The Persian Empire extended into India at this time, helping to expand the popularity and use of the hookah among the Indian people. The Ottoman dynasty later brought the hookah into parts of Egypt and the Levant, where it easily caught on and saw several changes and improvements to its design over the years.

Today, hookahs are well-known and used all around the world, and have rapidly been introduced to places such as North America, Europe, and Australia.

How Does a Hookah Work?

smokingpagoda-what-is-a-hookahA hookah might seem like a complicated smoking instrument due to its various pieces and decorative elements. While it may be more complicated than say, a pipe, a hookah really only has a few basic components.

The bowl of a hookah is the container which is used to hold the flavored tobacco. The tobacco is covered by a windscreen, which protects it from directly touching the lit coal that is placed on top. The coal is used to heat the tobacco to the desired temperature.

The tobacco smoke travels to the vase, which is the body of the hookah, where it is filtered through water, cooled, and humidified. The smoke is then drawn up using what is known as the hose, a long, flexible tube that ends in a mouthpiece.

Can You Smoke Marijuana From a Hookah?

Yes, marijuana can indeed be smoked from a hookah, and fairly easily too. Your best bet for a flavorful and effective smoke is to put some of your marijuana with the shisha, instead of packing a bowl of marijuana by itself. Mix the two together well and you should get a slow and enjoyable burn.