What is a chillum?

Showing what a chillum isHaving seen many videos of Rastafarians smoking cannabis, I quickly became knowledgeable on what a chillum is.  At the most basic level, it’s a straight pipe with a bowl at one end, and a mouthpiece at the other.  They are a very easy way to conceal in the pocket or in nearly any bag, and provide for a great smoking experience.

Although chillum owners often choose to smoke with them alone, they have been used as a part of ceremonies for hundreds of years.   Chillums come from early African use where they were carved out of horns and other materials.  In fact, their original intended use was for Marijuana, but later got adapted to smoke both tobacco and kaht.

When looking to buy a chillum, the same rules apply.  One must look at the overall size of the pipe, as well as the size of the bowl head and mouthpiece.  For the most part, you won’t find a carburetor on one of these.  Material wise, almost all are made out of either acrylic or glass.  If they’re being bought on a Native American land reservation, there are some more exotic options for a medium.

These smoking accessories tend to be significantly cheaper than other options due to the simplicity.  Walking down the street in any cannabis friendly neighborhood there will probably be vendors offering home blown glassware for sale.  Some may be incredibly appealing, others not so much.

If you’re in the market for buying some new smokeware, keep one of these bad boys in mind.  At the end of a good smoke, it’s very simple to slide it back in your pocket and go about the day.  After a couple weeks, cleaning with a paperclip, brush, or warm water solution is a breeze.  Due to the shape, they’re significantly less prone to breaking.  For these reasons, the chillum is the preferred smoking accessory when you’re on the go!