What is a bowl?

A bowl is actually the round cavity at one end of most marijuana smoking pipes.  Often times when people refer to a bowl, they’re actually referencing a spoon pipe, which is one of the most common ways of smoking.  This is where one will put whatever it is that they wish to smoke.

What is a bowl?

The bowl is the reservoir to the left, with cannabis in it.

There are many considerations when looking at buying a pipe.  To begin with, what is the material?  Some users complain about using aluminum pieces due to the metallic taste that it may give off when it comes in contact with a lighter or flame.  The preferred smoking source is typically acrylic or glass since it does not impact the user experience in a negative way.

Another thing to think about is the actual size of the bowl.  Given the size of the group, a larger head may be needed to store more weed.  The down side to this is that it creates a larger possibility for uneven burning.  Smaller reservoirs tend to burn smooth and evenly throughout, which should result in a significantly smoother pull.

Finally, location is also crucial.  Nobody wants to accidentally scorch their thumb that’s holding the carb.  Comfort is ideal, as most inexperienced smokers learn.  Sometimes, a person with smaller hands will have difficulty reaching all the necessary parts.  A properly made pipe shouldn’t have this issue much, but that’s not to say it doesn’t happen.

Whether you’re a first time buyer or an experienced smoker, terminology can be confusing.  When someone asks if you’d like to smoke a bowl but instead pulls out a bong, don’t be offended.  The packing size may just be similar to that of a spoon pipe.  This just means they were offering their stash up for a friend.  As comes with being a good person, don’t forget to compliment other people’s glassware when it’s appropriate!