What can I smoke weed out of?

Smoking marijuana is the most common way of consuming it.  There are a variety of ways that have developed over the years for this to happen, whether it’s out of a traditional pipe or some creative apparatus involving a fruit, a set of golf clubs, and some bizarre ancient Egyptian relic.  Although there has been debate over the healthiest way to smoke, there’s no doubt by adding paper or tobacco to the mix, carcinogens are added to the smoke.

A number of marijuana smoking accessories have made their way to the spotlight in the past decade that have truly shaped the face of the community.  No longer is there a group of people huddled around a bong, trying to smoke out of a basement.  With the cultural acceptance becoming more popular, there are both discreet and overt ways of smoking in public and private.  Below, you will find a list of the most common smoking accessories available on the market, with some more information provided about them on the following page.  Each and every type has their own perks as well as disadvantages.

We recommend looking through this list and choosing what is best for you after reading thoroughly.  Many medical and recreational marijuana users choose to purchase multiple pipes for a variety of scenarios!  Before purchasing your first pipe, it’s recommended that you read our guide on how to do so as well as experimenting with what your friends already have.