How To: Buy Your First Pipe

Buying a marijuana pipe can be a very intimidating task for a first time customer.  Matter of fact, there is very little out there that actually discusses what one should be looking for when browsing through the store.  In this article we’ll be specifically talking about the standard spoon bowl, or bowl for short.

If this is your first pipe, we recommend at least looking at a local head shop.  This will allow you to get a feel for what the price points are, how they look, feel, and pull.  Additionally, they may recommend accessories that you might not even know that you want.  So, let’s get started.

The Look

A popular metal pipe by Cannabuds featuring a marijuana leaf.

A popular metal pipe by Cannabuds featuring a marijuana leaf.

                You’re going to want something that is visually appealing to you.  Don’t forget that this glassware will be with you for a while!  Who wants to sit around and look at an ugly pipe, especially in one of the most blissful moments of the day?  Take a look around, and find ones that you find attractive.  Some have swirls, designs, or extra trinkets mounted on top to give them a personalized feel.  Everything from the colors to the shape lend to the aesthetics of a pipe.  Unfortunately, this is probably the quickest part of the process.  Really, it’s simple – do you like it or not?

The Feel

                Ask the attendant if you can hold it.  Think about whether or not it’s comfortable for you, the way it rests in your hand.  Only you know how you smoke, and where your fingertips will rest.  Also make sure that it’s not something that will easily slip out of the hand.  Make sure the carburetor (the hole on the side of the pipe) is not too far away and that it’s easily accessible.   Is there a lip on the mouthpiece?  Some smokers prefer a flush surface, while others like a place to rest their lips.

glass spoon pipe                Another critical piece of information here is the size.  Is there any need to conceal the pipe?  Does it need to fit in a favorite smoke bag or does it stay on the table ready to smoke?  I prefer that every pipe can be easily put into a pocket without seeming too obvious and without being uncomfortable.  Again, this is personal preference!

                Without getting too deep on materials, ask the vendor what it’s made out of.  True glass pipes are known for breaking very easily either during cleaning or after being put under the pressure of a pocket.  It’s always a sad day when a bowl is broken.

The Smoke

                Although no reputable smoke shop will allow you to smoke the pipe before you buy it, there are some assessments that can be made.  For example, how big is the chamber inside of it?  Will a small pipe be too little smoke, and if so, is it worth the trade off?  If the neck of the pipe gets too narrow, that will likely clog up after any routine use and may require additional cleaning.

                At this point, take a look at the size of the carburetor.  Large sized holes are designed to let a lot of air through all at once.  This may be detrimental for some because of a tendency to cause a harsher hit.  Admittedly, even I overlook this sometimes and it’s too late.


                The last thing you’ll need to consider before shelling out any money is the actual cost.  Is what they’re offering good enough for your hard earned cash?  Personally, any pipe being sold for under $30 (€ 22) may only be used a few times before issues arise – such as breaking, chipping, or generally and undesirable smoke.  Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on something you love.

Note: Do not reference smoking cannabis in any head shop, you may be removed from the store!

                Knowing how to buy your first pipe is something that isn’t covered in any high school class!  Take this information and use it to your advantage.  If a spoon bowl isn’t your type, we’re working on a thorough marijuana smoking accessory guide to help satisfy all of your needs.