Ultimate Marijuana Growing Guide

Step 1: Select Location

The first step in the grow process is deciding where exactly you’re going to be growing these plants.  There are factors that come into play when growing indoors or outdoors.  Take a look at what is available to you with regards to what is an option.  If possible, growing indoors is normally recommended for those who are able to provide a fair amount of funding for start up costs and are willing to maintain the setup properly.

Step 1a: Select Grow Type (Indoors Only)

  • Normal Soil
  • Hydroponics
  • Sea of Green (SOG)
  • Screen of Green (SCROG)

Step 2: Select Seed Type

Each and every one of these seed types provide a different benefit to the user.  Take a look at what they are and how they work, and decide what satisfies your needs.  Do you only want female cannabis plants or are you looking to cross breed strains?

More will be coming soon!