Pros and Cons of Growing Outdoors

Whether or not it is better for you to grow marijuana outdoors is going to depend specifically on where you live. Some places are optimal for outdoor growing, while in other places it may be difficult or even impossible. Many growers do not even have access to adequate and private outdoor space.  If this is the case, then consider switching over to an indoors grow setup.

But if you do have the option of growing outside, then you might wonder how outdoor marijuana cultivation compares to indoor cultivation. There are 3 main pros and 3 main cons to growing outside. You can check them out below. 

The Pros of Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Let’s start with the benefits to be had by letting your plants grow out in their natural environment:

1) Not very much maintenance is needed

The needs of marijuana plants growing outside will in large part be taken care of by nature. You won’t have to worry about providing light, carbon dioxide, or air circulation. You likewise won’t be bothered by things such as timers, temperature controls, or restrictions to grow spaces.

2) Minimal startup costs

These low maintenance requirements also mean that you won’t need to be spending hundreds to possibly thousands of dollars (depending on the number of plants you grow) in order to start growing. Just plant a seed in some soil and you’re well on your way.

3) Bigger yields

A lot of great grow lights are currently available on the market. These lights are getting better and better at mimicking the natural light of the sun, but there is just no beating the real thing. Furthermore, indoor grows often have some sort of restrictions on space, while marijuana grown outside will have ample room to stretch out both its roots and its flower-bearing branches.  

The Cons of Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Marijuana plants growing outdoorsLow costs and big yields for minimal work sounds like a great deal, but you’ll need to keep in mind the following downsides when considering growing marijuana outdoors:

1) Impracticality

You may have access to an outdoor grow space, but just how convenient will it be for you to get to it? Is it going to require a considerable drive or walk in order for you to visit your plants every day, and will this keep you from making the trip often enough? You should also consider how close your grow area is to a water source. Make sure that it won’t be difficult for you to adequately water your plants.

2) Greater risk of pests or other environmental damage

Growing in your own home is not only more private, but also safer. Grown outside, your plants may be damaged by wild animals, storms, and even early frost. They are also more likely to be attacked by an infestation of pests, which would in turn be much harder to get rid of than an infestation on indoor marijuana plants.

Outdoor plants may provide a bigger yield, but they are also a gamble that may not be worth it.

3) Longer grow times and fewer crops

The bigger yield also comes with a trade-off of longer grow times and fewer crops. An indoor grower can grow at any time of year, while marijuana grown outdoors can only be harvested once annually. If you don’t have the space and place for a large number of plants, then you’ll probably want to consider growing indoors.