Pros and Cons of Growing Marijuana with Screen of Green Method

The screen of green (SCROG) method of growing marijuana is popular among indoor growers seeking large yields. What makes this method unique is that growers use a screen, which is usually made of wire, in order to “train” their plants to grow how they want them to. This typically involves spreading the branches out through the screen in order to maximize light exposure.

The Pros of Growing Marijuana Using the Screen of Green Method

Growers tend to use the SGROG method for three main reasons:

1) It has the potential for very high yields

SCROG is a very productive method of growing marijuana. Letting a marijuana plant grow naturally will only provide you with a few big colas of bud from the top and some smaller popcorn buds from lower down on the plant. SCROG makes it so that every branch which is trained through the screen acts like a top, as each is equally close to the light source. This allows you to harvest from 8-10 big colas from each plant.

2) It makes the most out of limited space

SCROG is perfect if you have limited space in your grow room, particularly if you have limited vertical space. Training the branches of your plants through the screen will let you spread the growth out horizontally rather than vertically.

3) It allows you to make the most of your grow lights

Grow lights can be expensive, so you want to make sure that you are getting the most out of them. The fan leaves on typical marijuana plants shade the growth below, but SCROG allows maximum light exposure for most of your buds.

The Cons of Growing Marijuana Using the Screen of Green Method

SCROG is a very useful method if you know what you are doing and you have all of the required tools, but here are some things to consider before getting started:

1) Timing is very important

SCROG can produce astounding yields, but only in the hands of experienced and knowledgeable growers. You need to know how your specific strain grows in order to flower at the right time, or your final yield may be much smaller than expected.

2) It is unnatural for the plants

Forcing a cannabis plant to grow through a screen is very unnatural for it. Your plants may get stressed as a result, and some may turn hermaphroditic because of this. You will likely also snap some branches along the way.

3) Trimming is required

Finally, the SCROG method requires some upkeep and trimming. You should remove leaves that block too much light from the buds. You also need to keep your plants from crowding each other too much, as air flow restrictions may lead to mould.