Pros and Cons of Growing Indoors

Many marijuana growers choose to cultivate their crop indoors for a variety of reasons. Not only is indoor growing much harder to detect, but most city-dwellers don’t have access to the kind of space and environment needed to cultivate marijuana outside. Indoor growing is steadily on the rise by a variety of recreational and medicinal users alike.

There are many different ways of growing marijuana indoors, from soil to hydroponic systems. While each way has its own unique pros and cons, this article will talk more generally of the advantages and disadvantages of growing indoors as opposed to outdoors, as this will be one of your first and most important choices when starting your grow.  If you think growing outdoors might be an option for you, be sure to check out our guide on growing marijuana outdoors.

The Pros of Growing Marijuana Indoors

Several cannabis plants growing in soil after germination.While most growers cultivate marijuana indoors because growing outside simply isn’t an option, here are the 3 biggest advantages of growing marijuana indoors even when given the choice between the two methods:

1) Greater control of the growing environment

The environment outside can be very unpredictable. Some days the sun might shine more than others, or it might rain too much one week and not enough the next. None of these factors are an issue for indoor growing.

When growing inside you get to control the supply of light, the temperature, the humidity, the amount of water the plants receive, and exactly what types of nutrients they are getting. Supply everything at just the right amounts, and you’ll get a stellar crop.

2) You can grow several crops a year

When growing indoors you also don’t have to worry about growing seasons. You can plant one crop after another, or plant only whenever is most convenient for you.

3) Growing indoors lowers your chances of pests

Every experienced grower has likely dealt with some pest or another at a certain point. It’s just something that comes with the gardening territory, even when growing inside. Nevertheless, plants grown inside are much less likely to encounter pests, especially when the grow room is kept clean.

The Cons of Growing Marijuana Indoors

Growing indoors is a great option, but you must also consider the drawbacks. The 3 biggest disadvantages of growing marijuana indoors are:

1) Potentially high startup costs

The startup costs of setting up a grow room or grow space is going to vary dramatically based on how many plants you want. One or two plants aren’t going to break the bank, but if your sights are set much higher, then you are going to have to think about the costs of lights, light fixtures, and ventilation systems. Even seeds can be pretty pricey! All of these costs will add up, so budget everything out before you sink your time and money into the project.

2) Potentially high running costs

Once you’ve got everything set up there are still further costs to consider, namely those on your electricity bill. A large number of high-powered lights usually don’t run cheap.

3) More upkeep is required

With the benefit of more control comes the need for more upkeep than when growing outside. You will need to provide for things that Mother Nature would provide freely, such as carbon dioxide and air circulation. It’s a lot more work, but if you put in the effort to achieve the ideal growing conditions, you’ll be rewarded with a large and potent crop.