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Strain: LA Confidential

Strain picture of LA ConfidentialLA Confidential is a very potent Indica based strain of marijuana that has a strong cerebral effect, and a heavy body “high” that can last for hours. When used as a medical wonder drug, LA Confidential is best for patients suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, ADHD and other mental disease-related ailments, and those patients requiring appetite stimulation. LA Confidential is not meant to be used when working with heavy or dangerous machinery or when driving, as attention spans will be reduced and many things will become quite humorous. It has a more earthy taste, almost a pine scent to it with traces of the original OG Kush sweetness. LA Confidential is derived from 20% OG Kush and 80% Afghani Indica strains. Continue Reading

Strain: Blueberry Yum Yum

Picture of Blueberry Yum Yum BudsFamily: Indica


Blueberry Yum Yum is quite possibly one of the most beautiful cannabis plants growing today, which is partially how it gained such notoriety.  Many smokers describe a strong fruity taste when smoked and a similar smell while it’s growing.  The deep blues with lighter striations make for a truly magnificent plant to simply look at.

When smoked, many users mention a much deeper high than some other strains.  There have been hints of this being a hybrid grow due to some of the effects, but dispensaries say otherwise.  This strong Indica strain has the ability to put some experienced users to sleep. Continue Reading