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Top 5 Strains to Reduce Stress

There are several medical marijuana strains available for the management of stress, but there are a few that stand apart. The following five strains are considered by the community to provide consistent relief of stress related health issues ranging from panic attacks to insomnia.

Chocolate Chunk

Chocolate Chunk is a 100% Indica strain that is very popular with those with chronic pain. However, the strain is also noted for its effectiveness in managing panic attacks and other forms of anxiety. There are also reports that the strain has a positive effect on depression, nausea and muscle spasms. Chocolate Chunk is, however, a very potent strain, and a little goes a long way. Continue Reading

Sativa and Indica: What’s the difference?

Whether you are trying to decide what sorts of marijuana plants to grow or what stain of marijuana to use, you’ll be faced with the same initial decision. You’re going to have to decide if you want a strain that is either indica, sativa, a 50/50 hybrid, or a strain that is dominantly one or the other.

If you’re not sure which one you’d prefer because you’re not familiar with the effects and characteristics of sativas and indicas, then you can find some of the most important differences between the two outlined below. Continue Reading

Top 10 Marijuana Strains For Pain Relief

Top 10 Marijuana Strains for Pain Relief

Over-the-counter painkillers have a variety of negative side effects, especially for your liver or stomach lining. People who deal with chronic aches and pains of various kinds are especially likely to experience these adverse effects, as most are exuberated with prolonged use. Prescription painkillers, being stronger, are usually even worse for you.

Thankfully, marijuana is very effective for a variety of different types of pain. Whether for headaches or muscle soreness, or for pain related to more serious conditions, marijuana does not only provide relief, but has also been found time and again to have an excellent safety profile. Continue Reading

Top 10 Strains To Reduce Anxiety

Small marijuana buds used for reducing anxietyAnxiety can bring productivity to a halt, making it impossible to complete tasks that the sufferer knows should not be difficult. Untreated, anxiety can result in feelings of shame, and the condition can even lead to depression. There are medications available for the condition, but many of these have serious side effects. Researchers from the journal European Neuropsychopharmacology suggests that marijuana can help those who focus on negative emotions be more neutral in the face of negative stimulus. The strains below are well-known for their medicinal qualities, and in particular, their ability to help users cope with stressful situations.  Continue Reading

Jack Herer Strain Review

Jack Herer strain buds growing with crystalsNamed after the marijuana decriminalization activist and author Jack Herer, possibly best known for his book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” the marijuana strain that bears his name is an extremely potent hybrid from the ever-popular and potent Haze, Northern Lights and Skunk strains. Jack Herer is a sativa-indica cross-strain that has a resonantly earthy taste which is reminiscent of a true skunk strain, including a hint of the sweet Haze flavour that offers a more cerebral-taming high which is great for smoking during the daytime. Although it has a rather long growing period and is not well-grown in climates north of southern California, “The Jack” as it is most often referred to as is one of the first sativa-indica cross-strains to win the prestigious Cannabis Cup. Continue Reading