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How To: Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Germinating your marijuana seeds is the very first step of any successful grow. Germination simply refers to the process of getting a seed to sprout. Marijuana seeds have good germination rates, but you can increase those rates even more by making sure that you provide your seeds with everything they need.

Germination Basics

No matter what method you end up deciding on, marijuana seeds need proper levels of moisture, warmth, and oxygen. If these conditions aren’t met, then the seed may never sprout. Don’t worry, finding the right balance is easy. Continue Reading

Growing Marijuana 101: Autoflowering Seeds

Marijuana cultivation requires time, effort, and especially patience. Most strains need at least a couple of months to reach maturity and 2-4 months afterwards in order to flower.

However, a type of cannabis seed, known as an “autoflowering seed,” has flooded the market in the past few years. Autoflowering seeds are ready to harvest in 10 weeks or less, drastically cutting down on usual cultivation time.

Furthermore, flowering can only be induced in regular cannabis strains by a reduction in the number of hours of light received each day. In contrast, autoflowering cannabis will automatically flower when it reaches maturity. Continue Reading

Growing Marijuana 101: Feminized Seeds

Marijuana plants growingDid you know that the marijuana buds you know and love, that you smoke, vaporize, or bake into edibles, come only from the females of the species?

Marijuana plants which grow in the wild are 50% female and 50% male. Up until very recently, growers had to estimate the number of plants they wanted and germinate double that amount of seeds. When the plants matured and began to show their gender, growers would then weed out the males and continue growing the females.

Feminized seeds, however, were created to simplify this process and produce only female plants. They have been something of a revolution for marijuana growers. Continue Reading

Growing Marijuana 101: Photoperiod Seeds

Photoperiod cannabis strains are simply those which would be considered “regular”, as opposed to autoflowering. Marijuana growing in the wild naturally comes from photoperiod seeds, while autoflowering strains are created by crossing sativas and indicas with the autoflowering cannabis species ruderalis.

The Pros and Cons of Photoperiod Seeds

Freshly harvested cannabis budsAutoflowering seeds will flower automatically at a certain point. Photoperiod seeds, on the other hand, won’t flower unless provided with the right light condition, and can take up to twice or three times as long to be ready for harvesting. Continue Reading