Spotlight on Washington: Medical vs. Recreational

As the legalization of recreational use of Marijuana spreads across the United States, many are speculating about the onslaught of changes it will bring. Marijuana use in the medical field is far from news, as the medical properties of marijuana have been used in the pro column in the discussion about legalizing recreational use- but how will it affect the patients?


smokingpagoda-spotlight-on-washingtonWashington state has had medical marijuana on the law books since 1998. While it was a step in the right direction, at first this legalization was lacking. It only created an affirmative defense for patients. This means that a patient could be arrested for possession; however, if they are authorized by a healthcare provider to posses a 60-day supply, then they had a valid legal defense in a trial. Continue Reading

Marijuana and CBD To Treat PTSD

smokingpagoda-cbd-to-treat-ptsdCannabidiol has been shown to have numerous health benefits when used properly to
 treat various ailments. Recently clinical studies have shown CBD (cannabidiol) may have a role in treating the symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Extracted from cannabis, this cannabinoid has been studied for its ability to help those coping with PTSD symptoms and progress their treatment. There are a number of studies as well as anecdotal reports that use of cannabis or treatment with CBD has a role in reducing the symptoms experience by those who suffer from PTSD. Continue Reading

The Tangled Roots of Marijuana Opposition

Reefer. Weed. Pot. They’re all slang terms for a rather remarkable plant that’s become vilified for ridiculous reasons. When the so-called Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 was being considered, many members of the American Medical Association spoke out against strict government regulation of the medicinal herb. It is interesting to note that in by the year 1937, cannabis had already been an important part of American Pharmacopeia for nearly ninety years.

The American public of the 1930s was whipped into a frenzy by sketchy media reports that described Mexican immigrants and African-American musicians as wild-eyed maniacs who raped white women while high on reefer. By the time Harry Jacob Anslinger was seated as the first commissioner of the nascent Federal Bureau of Narcotics, the country was just fearful enough to believe his insane assertions about marijuana, or ‘muggles’ being a prime contributor to mental illness and murderous mayhem. Continue Reading

Top 5 Tips For Finding The Right Weed Edible Dosage

Marijuana edibles can be a great alternative to smoking or vaporizing your bud, especially if you intend on using it for a medicinal purpose. The effects of marijuana, when absorbed through the digestive rather than through the respiratory system, are usually much stronger, longer lasting, and have a greater impact on the body. However, because the effects can be quite strong, it is important not to eat too many THC-infused goodies at once. Here are some tips for finding the right dose of marijuana edibles for yourself: Continue Reading

Medical Marijuana – A Good Alternative to Opioids?

One of the most popular and well-known uses of medical marijuana is as a pain reliever. People suffering from a wide variety of conditions claim that it eases their pain just as well as, and sometimes even better than, typically prescribed painkillers. In particular, marijuana is often seen as a good alternative to the use of opioid medication.

People who are considering using marijuana for their pain should rightly be asking whether these purported benefits have actually been scientifically studied or if they are going to have to rely strictly on anecdotal evidence. The good news is that the use of marijuana for pain has been studied extensively over the years, and the findings are very promising for prospective patients. Continue Reading