Tips On Making Cannabis Edibles

With cannabis more and more people are finding ways to take advantage of their beneficial health effects.  One of the most popular ways is to create what is known as edibles.  When looking at edibles the first thing that comes to mind are pot cookies or brownies.  However, cannabis online has come a long way and people are using creativity in their creations.  For those looking to create their own edibles, here are a few mistakes to avoid.

Measure out your cannabis

When working on a recipe it is important that you use a specific ratio of cannabis and other materials.  When making cannabis infused butter you want to use a 1 to 1 ratio.  This works out to about one cup of oil to one cup of ground cannabis.

Don’t use raw cannabis in your baking

When it comes to using cannabis, you want to make sure it is decarboxylated.  When you throw inactivated raw flower buds into your baking, they will make your finished product taste awful and you won’t get the full effects of the cannabis that everyone is seeking.

Make sure to use the right temperature

When making your edibles you want to use the correct temperature.  You want to use exactly two hundred and forty degrees.  If the temperature is lower than that then you won’t heat your cannabis to the proper temperature.  If you have the heat higher then two hundred and forty degrees, you run the risk of burning or scorching the cannabis.

Grind cannabis into powder

Once your cannabis is ready you will want to grind it into a fine powder.  When going through the grinding process you want to use a hand grinder.  Using an electric grinder or other grinding equipment you may not get an even grind and find that your end product isn’t as good as it can be.

To add additional flavor, you will want to consider introducing chlorophyll to your mixture.  When you do this, you can add interesting flavor profiles to your edibles.

Watch your butter

When cooking you don’t want your butter to change.  When using cannabis in your cooking, your butter can easily turn green in color.  When this happens, you want to dump it.  Adding it to your edibles can cost you flavor.

Beware of plant materials caught in your flour

When making your flour you want to take your time and really make sure that any plant materials are broken up and you can strain the flour through a sifter.  If you work your flour too much it can become hard and clump together.  When this happens you may need to start over or work twice as hard to get the same results.

Use cheesecloth to strain your oil

When it comes to straining your oil the best way to do this is through a cheesecloth.  What you want to do is place the cheese cloth over a jar and tie it down with some elastic bands.  Allow the oil to cool for a moment or two to ensure that it doesn’t splash back on you.  You will also want to consider using eye protection and gloves just to protect yourself.

Once you are ready slowly pour the oil into the cheesecloth and allow it to fill the jar without spilling.  Once the oil is drained throw away the cheesecloth carefully as not to spill any contents back into the oil.